For those of you specifically interested in the horses I’m riding out here. Here you go…

Sally has 14 horses and we usually use other horses that belong to Jose Javier or Santiago when we have a big group to take on tour.

Of Sally’s 14, one is being broken – Anemika 3 year old – and one is Sally’s retired competition horse. All the horses are from about 14hh to 15.2, most are geldings and I would say that all bar one or two are forward going, not really novice rides.

The largest is probably Sam who might be pushing 16hh. But we don’t have any measures out here, and all I know is that they’re a lot smaller than Kos and not as fat as Megan. Most are Criollo cross breeds. The Spanish Criollo horses are incredibly tough and Sally’s are also amazingly fit. The flare their nostrils when lugging larger tourists up the sides of moutains, but within a minute or twos stop at the top they’re back to normal. It is this fantastic recovery rate which makes them ideal for riding around in the Andes.

The remaining 12 horse in no particular order are:

General Pintag
Dapple grey, named after the local buses that I catch to get to the farm in Pintag. Not the world’s most complicated horse, in fact he’s a bit of a hard working, steady Eddy. Seen here on a ride, when he’s just running along with us without a lead rope. He knows the way home and has taken the lead.

General Pintag, loose and leading the way




Beautiful chap, who I will have the pleasure of schooling very soon.






Another handsome gelding, although this pic doesn’t really do him justice. Have ridden him a few times already. He’s a strong, agile horse who doesn’t like to be at the back. We’ve had a few discussions over who’s in control, but he works well on the bit, is already a great ride and should only improve as I get to know him.




Another gelding, very amicable, well schooled, forward going and good to ride.




The biggest and strongest of the horses we have. Sam is a challenge for an experienced rider. I’m going to see how I get on with him this week, and hope I have some tactics to deal with him pulling my arms off. (Hopefully riding Josh will have taught me some tricks to try out on him).




Others, hopefully with better pictures to come are:

I didn’t get on with Platinito’s bouncy trot when I rode him. He’s very hard to do a sitting trot on. Apart from that he’s a sweetheart, who looks a lot like Sam, but has black legs, not white.

(aka Lamb Chop, as he was rescued from the knackers yard wagon)

No pics yet, but a firm favourite with the guides on the ride, Henry likes to be the lead horse (like Sam) and is more than happy to jump a ditch rather than walk around it.

Cantinera (mare and mare-ish)
Will try and get a better pic, here she’s being led behind Sam. She’s another of the horses I’m working. I prefer mares and as yet haven’t ridden her. Have to see how I get on.



(mother to Anemika)

Cyrilo is at the front of the shot, I’m leading him from one of Jose Javier’s horses. He doesn’t look too special in this pic, but he’s another horse that can look really impressive like Alvorito when he works nicely on the bit.

Leading Cyrilo

(Roberto’s horse, but lives at Sallys farm)
Fairly scrawny compared to the other horses, but he’s only been in Patricio and Sally’s care for a couple of months. He’s also not so good at picking up his feet and can be a smidge head-shy.






One Response to “The horses”

  1. mum & dad Says:

    yes, well! What can you say. They certainly look very different to the Welsh cobs showing at the Royal Welsh Show yesterday. Cling on tight!! Don’t let Sam pull your arms out of sockets.
    Let’s see a closer shot of the tack especially saddle please – and pommel if there is one.BH

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