Dad, David and John, this info is for you.

The guests spent their 3rd night at the very small Hacienda Cusin, in the Zuleta valley. The valley is beautiful, quieter than Wales and doesn’t have any mobile phone reception. We rode in one evening just as milking was coming to an end, sorted the horses out and I went with Roberto to stay in a small hostel nearby. Returning at 7am the milking was again underway, although the valley was still waiting for the sun to reach it over the mountain.

Here are the pictures:

Hacienda La Merced

wrought iron sign for Hacienda La Merced

Milking time

local famer, dogs and some automated milking machines

Milk Churns

evening milk churns, filled, cooled and collected all in an hour or so

Morning milking

morning milking

Looking up the Zuleta valley cows in far distance

view up the valley at about 9am

Me in the yard

Our trailor which we put behind the Mitsubishi is on the left, I’m in the middle with Fraser and a farm dog called Pirate. A boy of about 9 lives here too, he’s called David. He was riding up and down on a bike, occupying himself, (it’s summer holidays for the kids at the moment), so whilst I was waiting for Sally, I broke up some twigs and made an assault course for him to negotiate and weave his wheels around. He did really well. See, sometimes you don’t need Spanish at all.









2 Responses to “Hacienda La Merced”

  1. Dad Says:

    Dad is very impressed with the milking system – looks good to him and he wants some cows!!

  2. whirley Says:

    I thought he might. That shed of cows in the morning light looks pretty good doesn’t it!

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