More holidays coming up…

April 16, 2009

Hey y’all

As if my last couple of years travels weren’t enough, I’ve had (yes, just HAD to, my arm was twisted and all that) to go and book a couple more jolidays.

Joliday no 1 is to Spain… Asturias to be more specific. Los picos and cidre, a hire car and the lovely Drew. Should be a good couple of weeks in the relaxing sunshine, pootling, enjoying vino and tapas.

Joliday no 2 is a week in China… so not so much opportunity to use my Spanish then… I’m piggy-backing on a friends’ trip out there and going to see if a 15 hour flight really does deserve more than a 6 night stay. If anyone’s got any advice of things to do in and around Hong Kong, Macau or Gunang-somewhereorother, please let me know. I’m currently on Chinese guide-book number 3 and it’s all a little overwhelming… I thought Argentina was a big place… well China it seems is even bigger still.

Got my fingers crossed for another trip at the end of the year too… hopefully South America again… but we’ll have to see.

Hasta la proxima mis amigos! Suerte!


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