Sorry – had a day off, but didn’t spend my usual 4 hours in the “cyber”.

Friday was Becca’s last night, and amazingly Saturday was my day off. A small going out plan was hatched. Fortunately it turned into a large night, Argentines and Brits. See the pics on flickr…

The Argentines…

The Brits…

A small, reasonable, respectable amount of alcohol (tequila and beer) was consumed – well we have been working flipping hard, and I think everyone was up for some revelry. There was some dancing, which may have scared some Argentine locals, and the taxi was finally called for 4am. Tasha stopped the taxi a couple of times on the way home (to vomit, in a very lady like fashion) and everyone (bar lucky old me) was up for work at 8am.

After my lazy, dozy, morning I met up with Julio in Rio Ceballos. Just in case you didn’t realise the significance of that… I met up with JULIO (brother of Luis, who I work for/with each day at the Estancia). Won’t get too gushy because where on earth could anything with a younger, biscuit factory worker really go. But we had a lovely, lovely day wandering around the street markets and sitting in the plazas in Cordoba city.

Have you looked at the picture yet?? Isn’t he gorg!

Back in Rio Ceballos in the evening we waved goodbye to Becca and ambled on down to Luis’s families house (Julio lives in a town about 2 hours away by bus and was stopping with his brother). On the way we picked up some fruit and veg for me to take back to the Estancia – the food here is good, but there is a LOT OF meat. Twice daily. I haven’t been able to find any fish to eat the whole time I’ve been here and if I want a salad, I have to make it, no one here would ever think about making a salad!) Anyway, back at Luis’s house, which is spacious if basic, another brother of Julio and Luis had come to stay with his girlfriend (she sometimes cleans up at the Estancia). So Luis, Graciela, their two boys (8 and 10), Julio, the other brother, the girlfriend and I sat down to an asado (bbq). They made me feel really welcome, it was lovely.

Made it back to the Estancia by midnight. And up at 7.30 to do the breakfast at 8am this morning. Whipping off my chefs hat and apron and zipping on my half chaps and boina to run down to the coral and take the ride.

Jose led us down to the museum and crypt of a dead Italian immigrant – Guido Buffo (built and painted a unique – aka freaky – crypt to honour his wife and daugher who died of TB in the middle of the 1900s). It’s about a 4 and a half hour round trip, up and down a big hill with prickly trees. Was given a good horse for the trip too actually (Bond – has a brand of 07 on his bum).

No ride on a Sunday afternoon, so I took Louisa at her word when she said you can have the afternoon off. A few minutes walk down from the casita (little house) where I live, is a decent sized stream and lovely long pampas grasses and chunky granite outcrops. So I got comfy and had a snooze. Ate a few grapes and made my list of reasons to stay and reasons to go. Pretty much an even list, which explains why I haven’t managed to work it out satisfactorily yet.

Won’t bore you with the arguments for each side again here.

This schedule for this week has just gone up in the kitchen and I’m riding morning and afternoon every day this week (apart from my holiday day on Thursday). I’m also hosting 4 dinners and doing 4 breakfasts. So plenty of work then.

Better go, still not got access to a communal computer and I’m having to borrow Tasha’s all the time. She leaves in a week, so don’t know what I’ll do then.

Hey ho, night all.