Planning a trip

July 12, 2007

Well I haven’t counted how many days it is until I go, but I have spent the last hour reading up on South American travel bits and bobs on Thorn Tree. Started to get excited when I found people planning their trips to places I’ve already been. And all those inspirational quotes they have on their messages, like “Let them eat yucca.”  (That wasn’t actually the one I was thinking of, but I can’t find it again now and I quite liked yucca when I ate it, so what the hell, it’s a good message).

Have been trying to work out whether to buy my internal South American flights from the UK or whilst I’m out there. Any advice people? ‘Supose I should check out Lan Chile’s multi-flight deals.

Ecuador seems like a million years ago now. Wonder if I really am wrecking the memories by going back? Is it possible to have such a good time somewhere a second time?

Today’s moral question: if you knew someone had OCD, would you mess up the stuff on their desk one evening while they were out?


Left Working here as freelancer PM Flying out to Ecuador early September. Yay. More updates when I have a laptop again.